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Here's where I'll be frequently updating my current favorites
when it comes to music at the moment! Expect a very wide
variety of genres and artists, such as...

and a whoooooole bunch more!

AJJ + TACOCAT: 1/29/20
FFDP: postponed
SLIPKNOT: 6/25/20 (my bday!) postponed
DEFTONES + POPPY + GOJIRA: 9/2/20 postponed
CITY MORGUE: 10/22/21


song spotlight (week of 5/9/23)


when I'm done studying for entrance exams
ill do a livestream suicide show and build a grave
before this terrible feeling disappears

jumping into the chūō line
being called a nuisance
she was always there
the girl went ahead and died


song spotlight (week of 8/30/21)

there's nothing real about anything i can see
or anything i can touch, but i am certain that i exist ...
who hit this world's switch?
ah, this Electro World is going to vanish soon


song spotlight (week of 8/16/21)

you don't wanna die with a guy like me
i know that you
got another plan
now, you got another dream
so why can't you?
breathe in

oh, i can only say this once
you will not see me here anymore
cuz i'm the king of the crop
i'm the crème dе la crème
i'm the queen of the crèmе
i'm the crop to the crop
and I'm not gonna stop
so go fuck right off

fold ya' up like a blanket and put you away

the minimum condition is
needing to live
even for the minimum condition
you need to live
everyone's no good, I'm no good
my no good self is no good
a negative loop
a spiral whirlpool
before I'm dragged under


song spotlight (week of 5/17/21)

a puppet to a lifetime of survivors muscle memory
so what if internalise and get depressive and go into
hiding almost paralysed by this overwhelming urge
to just give up and sleep forever
just give up on getting better

i don't play wanna no more, i'm not a kid no more
i've did some things, that you can see, that i've been gone away
that I have room to be who i want to be, and you don't even talk to me
it's all these days
my days are numbered, you can come through

who am i now since you threw me away?
i was a bandaid like i was back then
im never enough so
i’ll do what you asked
and i’ll move on
i’ll do my best
to de-attach


song spotlight (week of 12/27/20)

i'll be good, i don't care
my whole life sucks anyway
i could feel it in the air today
i'll be fine on my own

i wanna bounce back on ya
do it all for ya
keep the secret, tighter than my body on ya
do it your way, we know that I'm crazy
i will be your girlfriend

because I, knowing nothing,
will sleep forever someday,
I’m sinking to your side,
drowning inside a dream no one can reach


song spotlight (week of 7/26/20)

i hope you know that you are special
hope you know how good you are
hope you know you’ve changed my life
and let me have another start

i gotta get out
cuz i got a bad mouth

i just really wanna talk to you again
that's how I know that I'ma haunt you in the end
it wasn't somethin 'til you brought it up
i knew that you were tryna make it out
without a single scar, clawin' at my heart
i saw you in his car, swear i knew it from the start


song spotlight (week of 4/26/20)

when you are on your own
just know that I love you
i won't pick up the phone
just know that I need you

hit me back when you get home
i don’t wanna let you go to sleep tonight, sleep tonight
you gonna let me go
she wouldn’t let you go
and I’m on your mind, I’m on your mind

yeah, I thought I had a feeling before
and now you're closing the door
because you don't want me coming in


song spotlight (week of 2/24/20)


song spotlight (week of 2/17/20)

i know it's too good to be true
but i been meanin to ask you
'how's your life
and what're you doin friday night?'
cuz i'm off work
and i'm going crazy
cuz your face is burned in
the back of my fucking eyelids

i'm placing bets against myself
and honestly I'm a mess
with the car engulfed in flames
i am a wreck
things I should have said through call or text
just really been so busy and I regret

sometimes it's hard for me to see
what a shitty person i can be
it's unexplainable
i'm unforgiveable and inexplicable
i don't want you, and i don't want this,
i'm so sick of all this fucking stressful shit


song spotlight (week of 2/10/20)

I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it
if I had to choose maybe I'd say I hate it
I want to, I want to, I want to, I want to
I want to do only what I want to
Depends on me, don't expect too much, failure
generally careless mistakes,
I get irritated, curling up in the corner

It's a saccharine poison
‘Cause I already know
Even if I was dumped in the hotel room
Let me lead you by you hand under the moonlight
Your poison spoils me
The feelings I want to convey are sinful
Though it's pointless and they'll never take flight


song spotlight (week of 2/3/20)

just kinda been listening to random speedcore comps and soundcloud artists lately, tbh...

beauty, brains
beauty, brains
i'm gonna whip you into shape
i'm gonna whip you into - shape!

when you put your hands on me i can’t act casual
i’ll do whatever your attention’s so invaluable
i just want to hang out and dangle from your mandible
i’ll be your animal
its only natural


song spotlight (week of 1/27/20)

lots of ajj this week, sorry guys! seeing them live today so I've been binging em. They always have the best tunes for tuff times, too :P

last week i saw you at the junkie church
you told me all the things I need to hear
like i've got a heart of gold
and a kind and open soul
oh, I love you cause I love you cause I can

this never ending pursuit
of happiness
is getting harder and harder to accomplish
the lies I tell myself
just so I can get by
are getting less and less convincing
all the time

life's too long when you're
having no fun and your love life's DOA
gimmie, gimmie, gimmie six cylinders
And the volume they displace
Behind the wheel of a ton of steel
I'm gravedigger on a bad day

die Sato, for your sake
so that you may not continue being yourself
each passing day
I want to kill you


song spotlight (week of 1/21/20)

on a day like this one
with a haze on my mind
and my plans behind me
and no gage on my time

eye contact with someone and then look away
i should speak with someone I don't know today
people are real
oh to be awake for such a shitty dream
a bullet in the head of every decent thing

how many centuries have I spent
in this utterly failed life?


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