heaven's missing an angel because you're here with me

hi cole

i don't know how to talk to you anymore and that makes me sad
i wanted to fix the site for you, there's a new monkey playlist and yes i did laugh at almost all the videos in it
i love you forever and always
i miss you

i've been having a really bad week
i miss you but i can't bring myself to say a word to you after what you told me
and i realized i can't expect to become healthier and happier in an environment that makes me feel so badly about myself
i don't hate you but i am really hurt
i will never forget everything you've done for me though and i'm so grateful i had you
you can think whatever you'd like of me but in the end i know me and i'm the one that has to live with me
n i hope you still think i'm a good girl

so thank you for the love
thank you for our memories shared
thank you for holding my hand through those lonely nights
thank you for all your time and patience, and i hope that we can one day reconnect in better conditions
i am just hurting a lot right now and it will take a while to even begin tending to the wound that you left after those things you said to me
i will grow from it and hopefully be a stronger panda bear though
i love you with everything in me
take good care of yourself and make good choices
also, no matter what i'll always keep this site up for as long as i remember it
and i check often for messages in the inbox

let's talk soon

i love you coley
i'm yours until we're ash in an urn

P.S. this is what this originally said when i made this page in october and it was planned to be a xmas present
welcome, my little angel.
i've been meaning to share this new present with you for a long, long time.
please forgive me for taking so long to get to it - consider it a late christmas present >_<
please let me know what you think!! xoxo kissies for u bunbun!

P.P.S. this is what it said in november when i wanted to finish it T__T
hi sweetheart.
happy birthday my angel! welcome to the new page. i hope u enjoy what i've put together!

P.P.P.S. i am moo panda and you are coler bear

mimadere ยท sophie meiers - a song that reminds you of me demo